Wizard bug

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Wizard bug

Postby CalciumCas » 14 March 2017, 00:08

ROID RAGE BABES (CalciumCas : chaos) Vs BLOKKA JUNIORZ (Lewisaurez7 : Orcs) 2017/03/13 17:59

My opponent (Orcs) used their wizard (fireball) end of T1, it immediately fired off my wizard beginning of my turn without me activating him, resulting in bombing my own players! (funny but not catastrophic)

Following chat with SeriousJest, he suggested I report it as it apparently has happened before.

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Re: Wizard bug

Postby Miraskadu » 14 March 2017, 02:07

It has been reported a few times.

Or maybe the game just doesn't like you?

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Re: Wizard bug

Postby Focus_GuillaumeQA » 14 March 2017, 10:45

Yep indeed it's a "known" bug, even if we still need to investigate more (the bug seems a little random).
Hopefully we already have some players replays so the dev team will look into it.

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Re: Wizard bug

Postby paradox23 » 04 May 2017, 11:39

I just came to report that same bug about the wizard immediately firing off my fireball on the same spot after my opponent's went off.

Of course in my match it resulted in the ball carrier sustaining an injury and lost me the game. Less funny.

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