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Broken grey camera staying

Posted: 14 March 2017, 00:27
by Zakyrel

In this Twitch stream video of mine, you will be able to see a graphic bug starting at 3h 33min 00sec :

It happened when the first dodge attempt is a fail and he chose to reroll it with a team reroll, then Diving Tackle activated, so I chose to use it. As a result I was stuck with the "broken grey camera" skin until another reroll is used.

If you need more info, just tell me.



Re: Broken grey camera staying

Posted: 19 May 2017, 18:32
by Javelin
I had this exact same issue on PC yesterday, and it seems like the same scenario.

I had a dodge player marked with a diving tackle player who also had tackle. The dodge player failed the initial dodge (rolled a 2), and tackle activated which caused the player to fall down. As he had team rerolls available the screen went to the "broken" screen. My opponent chose to use the reroll, and rolled a 4 passing the dodge roll. At this point I was given the option to use diving tackle, which I did.

This caused a turnover, and the screen stayed "broken". It wasn't until another team reroll was used that the screen changed back to the normal visuals.