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Store Issue

Postby venachar » 31 May 2017, 10:19

So, This is many, many months later as, for some reason, I could not actually log in nor reset my password on this forum. But now that I finally managed to get in here I thought I would outline my issue and ask for help.

Back when Undead was new I looked through the skins available for the team and found Drowning Sharks. That skin is my fav among all of them and I instantly got that look for my teams. I made a team that I still have in my list of teams that got the look. Then came a patch or content update not long after that, and when that happened, something strange came along.

I now got champions of death unlocked in store, If I want to use Drowning Shark then I have to buy it again. It made me confused, had I bought the wrong thing? So I went back into my teams and looked for that Undead team I made earlier and BAM, it still had the Drowning Shark colors. So tried to make a new Undead team. I could not find Drowning Sharks and instead got Champions red look. Pissed, I tried logging in here on my account but as stated, I was not able to.

I talked about it on reddit where someone said it was fixed when next patch came, then said it was now fixed. I checked again but it was not for me at least. Tried getting in contact with this individual again but did not respond to me.

So, I would like to ask for help in trying to fix this. I want the right skin unlocked. Mostly due to fact that i will buy other skins soonish and do not want stuff to rotate around randomly and me wasting my coins on stuff.

My name in BB2 Is Venachar as on here.

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