My game will not Start

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My game will not Start

Postby IamanExperience » 15 June 2017, 02:33

So the first day I had the game and everything was working fine. Today when I went to log in, It wouldn't do anything, I tried un and re-installing it. I tried Running it as Admin. I tried a lot of things the internet said and I still can't get it to play. I am pretty certain it isn't my computer system because it was running just the day before and I have a decent computer. If anyone can please Help, I really need it.
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Re: My game will not Start

Postby Focus_GuillaumeQA » 15 June 2017, 08:46

Hello, the game won't launch at all?
Or are you unable to connect to your profile?

Do you have an error message somewhere?

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