Does Xbox bluescreen less than PS4?

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Does Xbox bluescreen less than PS4?

Postby Keonard » 25 June 2017, 15:53

I'm a veteran player of BB digitally and on the tabletop. I never quit. However on my PS4 I bluescreen randomly about 1 in every 7 games played. This can be hazardous in the Champions Ladder.

Is the Xbox version more stable? If so, I'll just buy one and play BB on it. A new PC is not in the future for now. Thanks everyone.

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Re: Does Xbox bluescreen less than PS4?

Postby UndockedDeer0 » 25 June 2017, 19:13

The xbox has its moments but if your internet connection is stable then it is far better than 1 in 7 drop outs. There are some pieces of good advice to reduce your chances of crashes - don't hang around in the Bloodbowl menus for ages before trying to play a game - it is advisable to close and reload the game if you have been looking at multiple teams or dormant for a while. If you are playing a long session of multiple games shut down your xbox after a couple of games and re-start it and for the super suspicious try going into cabalvision to watch a replay and then quit that before playing a game to ensure that you are connected properly to the servers. That said, I have had 1 game disconnect since Feb and I play a few games each week without doing any of the above.
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