cannot connect to steam and not login into BB 2

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cannot connect to steam and not login into BB 2

Postby ugh74 » 27 June 2017, 09:55

As happens every so often (lately fortunately more rarely), since two days ago, I can neither connect to steam anymore, nor can I log into BB 2 in the 'Press Enter' screen (it shows 'cannot connect to server').

This happens on all of my machines (running 3 different Windows OS versions) which were running steam/BB2 fine for months on end and there has been no update or change in firewall settings or anything.

My internet connection is fine, I can chat, surf the web etc. Turning off the firewall does not change the behavior either, so it cannot be a firewall issue, either.

My intuition says it is a steam issue and the logging in into the game is prevented because my game-license cannot be verified because of that issue, disallowing me to play the game online (though I can play it in offline mode with no problem).

Interestingly enough, it started happening when the Steam Summer Sale began and the last time it happened for that long amount of time was at the beginning of the year when the Steam Winter Sale happened, which is either a very weird coincidence or maybe a route to be investigated.

Anyway, I can send you a wireshark/pcap trace that was captured while I was trying to unsuccessfully log into the game, if that helps you to investigate this problem in more detail.

Please Help!

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Re: cannot connect to steam and not login into BB 2

Postby SirIronclad » 30 June 2017, 07:45

What's your operating system?

If you're on Windows you could try moving your Steam to an "independent" directory (like "C:\Games") to prevent Windows messing it up. Flushing Steam in general seems like a good idea.

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