World Cup Ladder Season 3

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Re: World Cup Ladder Season 3

Postby Lembocha » 22 April 2016, 13:26

You are right. I have the feeling, that I should stop playing in the WC ladder. It feels too often like a waste of time. The last new teams i made where only canon fodder for high TV teams. Its just annoying, sitting there for an hour or more and watch the other guy spreading his spp points. Even the one time use of an wizard, cant compensate that;). does anybody know, how this is ruled in private leagues? Do they have a limit for TV difference?
Community Qualifiers (private leagues) were structured in cup format instead of open league. All teams that signed up were new, and always played other teams that had the same ammount of played matches than them. There could be a TV difference but not as much as when a new team plays a team with 15 matches.

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Re: World Cup Ladder Season 3

Postby marc-aurel » 25 April 2016, 08:25

@ Lembocha:
thx for the information. Sounds like playing in a private league makes sense! Small TV differences are ok anyway, so having the same/nearly same amount of games is a good solution.

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