Another BB2 World Cup Preview - We've got the quotes

All you need to know about the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2016!
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Another BB2 World Cup Preview - We've got the quotes

Postby SquirrelDude » 10 June 2016, 15:51

It’s been a fast moving couple of weeks and what started as a field of hundreds of coaches is now down to just 8. If you haven't been following along, don't worry, I'm here to help. We’ll take a look at each of the remaining 8 teams and coaches as they fight to get out off the single elimination games and onto the Cyanide-broadcasted best of 3 semifinals and finals.

JimmyFantastic also had a look at the teams in this preview video that I recommend watching. I’ll be shamelessly stealing quotes from that video and during recent twitch streams. Blood Bowl streamer fashbinder_ was also kind enough to lend some quotes.

The Bracket


Bucky's Golden Age (Dorfs) coached by Balsha/buckyzmoon, TV 1120, 3 Rerolls, Apo 110k in the bank, 3 Fan Factor

With no guard and no mighty blow, this team is very under-developed compared to other dorf teams in it’s side of the bracket. It’s still your standard TV 1000 dorf team with an apothecary, save for both runners having block. Bucky's coaching has been of inconsitent quality. He's shown patience and optimism when off to a rough start, but has demonstrated a bad habit of potatoing down the field with his ball-carrier and giving up 2d blocks at the end of his drives. He survived against Wood elves and dorfs, but Skaven might be able to punish that habit. Balsha will have the option to buy a wizard.

Balsha qualified in the BBTactics Qualifiers.

“He’s really, certainly, riding his luck to get this far.” - JimmyFantastic.

“Always lucky.” - Fashbinder


Eshin Red Raiders(Skaven) coached by Mallak, TV 1190, 3 Rerolls, Apo, 90k in the bank, 3 Fan Factor

The Rogre or the gutter runners are going to need to be heroes in these next few games. The Rogre will either need to at least keep numbers somewhat close for Mallak, or the gutter runners will need to be able to steal the ball and put up points quickly before the dorf teams are able to destroy him. Mallak won’t be able to afford to go to overtime, and will probably rely on 1 or 2 turning late in the first half to get the win.

Mallak qualified in season 2 of the World Cup Open Qualifiers.

“I haven’t seen Mallak play, but I guess he’s okay.” - JimmyFantastic

“AV 10 Rats” - Fashbinder


CAS Machine (Dorfs) coached by Mossman, TV 1120(w/ loner blocker, +50k when Blitzer returns), 3 Rerolls, Apo, 90k in the bank, 3 Fan Factor

What should immediately stand out about this team is the incredible amount of level-ups it's been able to grab on the back of causing 23 injures in just 3 games played. That's 5 guard and 1 troll slayer left to level up. He doesn't get to use one of the guard because it's miss next game, but 4 guard and 1 mighty blow or 5 guard should be enough to carry him through to the next round, and puts him as the prohibitive favorite to make the finals from this side of the bracket.
Mossman qualified in the BBTactics Qualifiers

“His team is unbelievable” - JimmyFantastic

“6 Guard is OP. Will win the World Cup” - Fashbinder


The AlcoHogs (Dorfs) coached by Knockoff, TV 1150, 3 Rerolls, Apo, 70k in the bank

Knockoff made the interesting choice of taking guard on his runner instead of dodge. Considering that he is likely to be playing dorfs in his next 2 games, it’s a very reasonable pick, and he’ll need all the guard he can field against Mossman. He will have a player numbers edge, so he might foul to try and press that advantage.

Knockoff qualified in the Iron Phoenix Blood Bowl Qualifiers.

“He’s gone 4 AV 8, which I really don’t like in this format, swamped as it is by Dorfs” - JimmyFantastic

“Doesn’t have 5 Dwarves[sic] with guard, therefore won’t beat Mossman” - Fashbinder


Super Nashwan 2016 (Dorfs) coached by Grish, TV 1120, 3 Rerolls, Apo, 1 Cheerleader, 1 Asst. Coach, 10k in the bank, 3 Fan Factor

That team value is projected as Grish still has 3 level-ups to decide on, and with the expectation that he'll use his 60k in bank to finally purchase an apothecary. The level-ups are all for strength access av 9 players, so expect 3 guard, but there might be a mighty blow in there. I doubt any player will be taking doubles for dodge at this point with dorfs. The staff is notable for having both a cheerleader and an asst. coach.

Grish qualified in season 3 of the World Cup Open Qualifiers.

“Grish went 19 and 1 on the ladder twice, so he can’t be terrible” - JimmyFantastic

“No comment” - Fashbinder


Razzle Dazzle Rootbeer (Lizardmen) coached by Guinness, TV 1050(w/ a loner skink), 2 rerolls, 120k in the bank. 3 Fan Factor

Guinness’s lizardmen team is woefully underdeveloped. The team only has 1 block Saurus, no guard on the Krox, and only a single sidestep skink of the 3 rostered skinks. After buying a wizard to help beat SamDavies last round, he’ll have to pick between buying a wizard again, buying his 3rd reroll, or buying an apothecary. The team will still manage to out-strength some opponents, but it will only face more block, more strength, and more guard as it moves forward in the tournament.

Guinness qualified in the North American TTS League Qualifiers

“I think Guinness will take this, to be honest, purely because Grish has played so badly” - JimmyFantastic

“He’ll make the finals if he doesn’t roll a 1/9 every 9 blocks” - Fashbinder


Bloodbowl Quebec Crew (Dorfs) coached by Mr Light, TV 1170, 2 rerolls, Apo, 1 cheerleader, 130k in the bank, 3 Fan Factor

GOBBLN is a pretty highly regarded league, and Mr Light has shown a good ability to coach, but his team is under-leveled going into the next matchup. With less strength and less guard, Mr Light will need some dice and the game of his life to move into the semi-finals. He is one of the two coaches who made the odd choice of purchasing a cheerleader or an assistant coach. In a format where both teams are expected to have the same fan factor it makes some sense, but it's still surprising.

Mr. Light qualified in the GOBBLN Qualifiers

“An agi 4 runner with a second skill! Wow!” - JimmyFantastic

“I think he’s the guy that does the potato dorf setup” - Fashbinder


Masters of Tilea (Orcs) coached by Spartako, TV 1220, 2 rerolls (3 w/Leader), Apo, 80k in the bank

Well coached and properly developed Orcs are a decent counter to Dorfs, with their strength, good enough speed, and equivalent armor.. Spartako looked like the best coach remaining in the world cup in his games against Lewpac and Straume, well deserving his rank of #16 overall on fumbbl, and #2 with woodies in NAF tourneys. The team may be a little light on guard to fully leverage their strength advantage, or to keep up against lizardmen, and the black orcs are still unreliable blocks. With 13 players, and 2 spare linemen, expect some fouls.

Spartako qualified in the BBIL Qualifiers

“Spartako is by far the best player that I have seen play in the World Cup” - JimmyFantastic

“I think he’s circle-jerking Spartako a bit.” - Fashbinder
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Re: Another BB2 World Cup Preview - We've got the quotes

Postby Guinness » 10 June 2016, 16:12

The reporter on the ground! SquirrelDude, you're amazing!!

Thank you kindly for this, it's pretty cool to have a quick read through, I enjoyed it very much (minus the part that reminds me that my team sucks).
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Re: Another BB2 World Cup Preview - We've got the quotes

Postby Grish » 10 June 2016, 16:59

I guess I'm not favorite for this tournament : it's ok for me . Hoping i will play better for a good match.

Thx for the preview !

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