Guinness vs. Spartako (The Secret Drinking Game)

All you need to know about the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2016!
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Guinness vs. Spartako (The Secret Drinking Game)

Postby Guinness » 15 June 2016, 23:40

This post is for entertainment purposes only, and only to be encouraged to an "of legal drinking age according to your current location" audience (except the minor addendum at the very bottom about non-alcoholic options). Also, stay healthy, respect your body, drink responsibly and be a Bloodbowl Coach, not a Bloodbowl Player...

Hey everyone, Guinness here! Being really new to Bloodbowl I'm extremely excited to have made the Semi-Finals of the World Cup (Top 4). My goal was originally to make the Top 32 to avoid embarrassing myself in front of my friends who were encouraging me. 3 wins later my assistant goblin coaches have encouraged me to release a couple pages from my team's playbook... the drinking game! Mixed drinks and shots are both used at different times in this system, interchange if you're an elf or a wine drinker. Also, if you have a wonderful and beautiful woman ( thanks T! :) ) who brings you drinks while you're playing (or watching), this game is even /more/ fun!

- Touchdown is scored, take a shot.
- Double Skulls is rolled, take a drink.
- Any other 1/9 is rolled for lizards, look longingly at your drink, then take a drink.
- A Player dies, raise your glass:
-- Your Team's (or team you cheer for), solemnly take a long drink (or shot) and salute them with a brief eulogy.
-- Opposing Team's (or the villains in your story), cheer loudly, then take two drinks (or a shot with a loud exhale afterward).
- A player receives a casualty, take a drink.
- A player is KOed, take a drink.
- A player is stunned, look longingly at your glass (knowing it could have been worse).
- A coach uses their Apothecary and it makes the injury worse, and the coach chooses Death, finish your drink and pour a new one.
- A player fails an action with a reroll into a Turnover, take two drinks.
- A player fails an action without a reroll into a Turnover, take a drink.
- A player makes a 5+ action, take a drink.
- A player makes a 6+ action, take two drinks.
- A coach uses their last RR, take a drink.
- A player is sent off for fouling, stop watching for a moment and refill your drink.
- A player is sent off for fouling (and the birbe isn't taken), yell loudly "That's bull$#@%!!" and take a drink.
- Wizard is used. (Shot of Fireball Whiskey/Spiced Rum)
- Think a wizard is about to be used by opposing coach (sniff at the Fireball Whiskey bottle).

Alcohols of choice for this matchup:

Sambuca (One of Guinness' favourites)
Fireball Whiskey (for reasons mentioned above)
Good Whiskeys (encouraged by the Canadian goblin coaches)
Vodka of Quality (encouraged by Russian goblin advisors)

Mixed Drinks: Dedicated to Opponents past and the people who supported me from Match Day 1.

Razzle Dazzle Rootbeer (Cocktail): (Also coined as Bartender's Rootbeer)
1:1:2:12 Fireball Whiskey/Spiced Rum to Sambuca/Galiano to Kahlua to Rootbeer
Rootbeer can be substituted for 2:3 Cola to Soda Water

Dirty Git (Cocktail): (Thanks DaScum!)
1:4 Amaretto to Whiskey

Second Thoughts: (Thanks McMacky!)
1:8 Vodka/Rum to Fruit Juices

Brettonian Velvet (Cocktail): (Thanks Grish!)
1:1 Stout to Champagne/Sparkling Wine

Blackened and Browned (Cocktail): (Thanks SamDavies!)
1:1 pint Guinness to Rootbeer

Staying Afloat (Cocktail): (Thanks bob153!)
1:4 ratio Vanilla Liqueur to Rootbeer

Side Surf (Cocktail): (Thanks Jeliel!)
1:1:6 Blue Curaco to Rasberry Sourpuss to Pineapple Juice

Non-Alcoholic Option for the too young to cause casualties, elves of frail constitution and those ridiculous sorts who actually want to remember a bloodbowl match when it's over:

Anything without alcohol that you like... DUH!

I will be driving quickly, soberly, and hopefully safely home from a weekend wedding to make it just in time to start the games within the narrow window of options the Semi-Finals had to be fit into. Send me any super-amazing-awesome-successful luck you have so we can see these amazing matches! Then, have a drink with me during the game, because as soon as I'm safely home and playing Bloodbowl, the party will commence!
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Re: Guinness vs. Spartako (The Secret Drinking Game)

Postby twitch/the_sage_bb » 16 June 2016, 13:45

Ooh, nice. So... will you be playing? And will Spartako?
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Re: Guinness vs. Spartako (The Secret Drinking Game)

Postby Netheos » 16 June 2016, 14:19

That's very nice :lol:

Although I fear the stream might become really weird if we try it during the game!
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Re: Guinness vs. Spartako (The Secret Drinking Game)

Postby Guinness » 16 June 2016, 21:07

It's official, I will be able to make the games happen due to starting later. It's still going to be close because it's a long drive just to get to a computer at all, but it might well happen!!
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