Remaining matches for 3rd place probably tonight.

All you need to know about the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2016!
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Remaining matches for 3rd place probably tonight.

Postby twitch/the_sage_bb » 18 July 2016, 09:48

It looks like the remaining match(es) for the 3rd place between Knockoff (dwarves) and Spartako (orcs) will be played tonight! The coaches have pretty much agreed on 19.00 GMT (21.00 CEST). While there will not be an official cast by Focus/Cyanide, if all goes as planned cKnoor and I will be co-op casting these matches. Come watch them live! The cast will be on cKnoor's channel, which I'll be hosting from mine as well.
Want to catch up on how the first match went? You can watch it here.
See you all tonight!
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