"NAF" team submission

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"NAF" team submission

Postby SquirrelDude » 10 July 2016, 00:23

Not sure if this is intentional or not, but I can confirm that you don't need to be a fresh team in order to enter into the NAF. A person, like myself, could easily farm up a team against the AI in a single player league and then enter the public league with all of that fan factor and skill gain.

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Re: "NAF" team submission

Postby dragonwolf » 10 July 2016, 08:10

may you should have PM the admi of the league before making it public .....just saying

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Re: "NAF" team submission

Postby dode74 » 10 July 2016, 08:42

It's only the beta server.

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Re: "NAF" team submission

Postby TheSpydyr » 11 July 2016, 15:09

It's only the beta server.
This. It may have been done like that to allow coaches to get higher TV teams built quicker and into the NAF quicker...then again, it may not have been done this way either.


The RNG is not broken, you are not "the unluckiest coach in the world" and the computer does not cheat, you just suck.


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