[BUG] Single Player Mode - Unable to continue

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[BUG] Single Player Mode - Unable to continue

Postby InfernalContraption » 10 July 2016, 13:17

I adore the new version of the roster screen. I missed it immensely from Blood Bowl 1 and was overjoyed when it came back to Blood Bowl 2.

Unfortunately it seems to have broken the Single Player campaign. There is an objective, about 20% in, where you are required to purchase two rerolls in order to advance to the next match and the new roster screen has not been updated to allow you to do this. It allows the purchase of Cheerleaders and to view the stadium, with the associated commentary from Jim and Bob, but beyond that there is no way to advance.

Specifically, the only tabs available are "Team", "Team Roster" and "Club", with "Statistics" and "History" grey'd out. There is no "Staff" tab at all, nor any button marked "Rerolls" on any of the available screens.

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Re: [BUG] Single Player Mode - Unable to continue

Postby Focus_GuillaumeQA » 11 July 2016, 08:35

Thanks for the report, it should be fixed with the release!
We remembered a little late that the roster view plays a big role in the campaign :)

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