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Re: Glossary

Postby Proxi Winther Rex » 07 November 2011, 15:04

I think WE is usually wood elf :D but it could be witch elf too...
Isn't that WoE....?

Also I don't see the DE for Dark Elves anywhere...

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Re: Glossary

Postby Darkson » 08 November 2011, 09:10

WE has always been Wood Elf for me, except when talking about DEs, when it's Witch Elf.
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Re: Glossary

Postby smoked_g60 » 10 November 2011, 23:46

Surf or Crowdsurf: To push an opponent out of bounds
FA : Foul Appearance (skill)
JU: Jump Up (skill)

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Re: Glossary

Postby MattDakka » 17 November 2011, 02:01

KO: the injury, more commonly, or the Kick Off, sometimes.

Wussball: the agile approach of playing BB, typical of teams like Skaven and Elves, focussed on playing/handling/passing the ball, moving quickly, and on surgical strikes aimed at getting as fast as possible the ball, instead of plodding with a cage slowly to the End Zone, bashing opponents, carrying the ball without passing it at all, if not strictly necessary.
They usually avoid unneeded contact with opponents, and make use of screening/zoning (i.e. use their players to put a spread net of tackle zones to limit the opponent players' movements, without staying in their tackle zones).

Wussballers a.k.a. Agile teams: The agile (and often fragile) teams.

Bashers: their opposite, like Orcs, Dwarfs, Chaos, Nurgle, focussed on removing opponents from the pitch, and generally having limited ball handling skills. They tend to stand toe-to-toe with opponents (especially if they are agile/weak) and to entangle them in a block scrum.

Hybrids: teams that are a way in the middle between basher and agile teams.

Joke teams: weak (in terms of win rate %) comic-relief teams designed to provide the experienced coaches more challenging matches, like Vampires, Halflings, Goblins, Ogres.

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Colonel Panic
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Re: Glossary

Postby Colonel Panic » 22 November 2011, 08:58

If we're doing nicknames for skills, we can add Wrip Ball.

Ragequit - to disconnect or quit a game before it is complete, in response to an in-game setback such as taking casualties or the opponent scoring. Disproportionately common among Dwarf teams in Auld World.

Stalling - Holding off from scoring, usually with the ball carrier safely fortified near the end zone, to prevent the opponent's offense from getting the ball. This tactic is despised by finesse teams (aka "Wussballers, thanks MattDakka), even though they often make use of it.

Gangfoul - To foul an opposing player with many friendly assists, greatly increasing the chances of breaking armor.

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Re: Glossary

Postby veers » 02 December 2011, 17:45

Again, something that might have been discussed in the Old Forums (I myself had several posts relating to the contents of this file): the Match file in the \Data\Manager folder.

Three things that keep bugging me:
- what does 'TT' stand for?
- what does 'RT' stand for?
- what does 'AddToMVPTeam' mean?
- what is the definition of 'PitchOccupation'? (especially in the percentage displayed in Match Results)

Thanks in advance :)

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Re: Glossary

Postby veers » 09 December 2011, 23:35

Some abbreviations from the "Players Statistics" page in the actual game...

IT = # of Interceptions achieved
Pa = # of Passes achieved
Rec = # of Receptions achieved
TC = # of tackles achieved (ie. opponent fails to dodge away from the player's Tackle Zone)
YP = Yards Passed (note: only yards towards the opponents End Zone count
YR = Yards Run w/ the ball (note: only yards towards the opponents End Zone count
At the end of the row:
Inj = # of injuries suffered by the player
KO = # of KOs suffered by the player
IT = # of Interceptions suffered by the player
Ta = # of tackles (ie. failed dodges from an opponent's Tackle Zone) suffered by the player

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Re: Glossary

Postby Ganlin » 08 September 2012, 14:29

and what is MJE?

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Colonel Panic
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Re: Glossary

Postby Colonel Panic » 08 September 2012, 20:36

TT is Tabletop, the original board-game version of Blood Bowl.
RT is Realtime mode, as opposed to TB (Turn-Based). TB is the default for "normal" Blood Bowl.

Pitch Occupation is (I believe) the percentage of the game you spent, with the ball, in your opponent's half.

I don't know what MJE is.

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Colonel Panic
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Re: Glossary

Postby Colonel Panic » 12 December 2012, 13:58

"Crazy Lucky Dice" - what my opponent rolls when he/she wins.
"Normal average luck" - what I get when I win.
"Nothin' but skulls and snake eyes" - why I lost.

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