My first win.

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My first win.

Postby Guiams » 24 February 2013, 01:57

Hi everyone! I'm a new player to Blood Bowl, got it on December buut my computer broke, and since then I've been watching videos and reading about it and today I finally managed to play it!

So, at first, I took some time to test out some races that I liked visually speaking. The Lizardmen were the first ones, but I got beaten up SO BAD, that I ended up trying some other races, and could only win with the humans.

Well, I said "screw training!" and went ahead to the campaign mode. I was browsing the races and decided to try the Khemri, I've been reading bout them, and so I choose'em.

Two draws and an easy victory later, I came across the elvish team. Now, blood bowl is proving to be a game in which, at least for me, it's HARD to like the elves unless you're playing them. I just shrugged and started the match.

So, in the fourth or fifth turn, they scored a touchdown. I sighed and kept playing, inuring them as hard as I could, and in the seventh turn it was I who made a point!
Half-time came, and I kept just as before, trying to do the cage around my thro-ra who had the ball and injuring those pointy-ear sneaky btards. On the 12th turn, I scored another touchdown. "I won" I was saying to myself, as I just focused on bruising them up... until a thrower got the ball, made an INSANE pass to a catcher, and bam, another elven td. The game then announced that if the scores were tied, there would be an overtime.

I was hopeless by them, I mean, if the elves made another play like the last one, they would easily score, but I kind of forgot for how long we've been playing... I remembered it when, in a single play, I KOed four of them. It was turn 21 by the time, and as I went for the ball knocking out every elf who'd chase me, I managed to get the game to be 10x3. A blitzer tried to the last moment, literally the last line of the field before the touchdown mark, to stop me... but failed. By turn 24 I scored again, and won the match.

God, I kept shaking for like, three minutes. No game has EVER made me this "nervous", and I've never felt like such a winner hahahah

Anyway, just wanted to share my victory - which was epic to me!

Sorry for the long post and thanks for the attention :D

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Re: My first win.

Postby Holy Terror » 27 February 2013, 16:00

Wait till that shit happens against a live opponent...nothing like going 32 rounds against someone else. But glad you won, the comp will get easier over time as you figure out its strategies
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Re: My first win.

Postby InspectorRumpole » 08 March 2013, 04:48

Always nice to hear a stories from beginners :)
Welcome to the wonderful world of Blood Bowl! :D

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