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Colonel Panic
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Re: wood elves development

Postby Colonel Panic » 01 November 2011, 19:33

I guess my answer depends on how much you want to cut your team rating down. You're usually facing massively developed teams in the 2k+ bracket and taking a huge beating even in the games that you win. So my answers here assume you're trying to cut TV.

- I'd cut your slow backup Thrower. Your good thrower already has accurate and Strong Arm, so he's going to get the ball when you're on offense. He has the range to sit back near your end zone pretty much as long as he likes, safe, until he runs up and passes to a catcher in scoring position on a 2+. No need for dump off, no need for the bloat a MV6 player with a doubles roll will give you.

- I'd think about cutting the treeman. He can be a huge distraction to your opponent, especially if they commit a substantial number of players to surrounding him and taking him down ... but I imagine most of your opponents just give him a lineman to play with, or dodge out and ignore him. What's he going to do, chase someone down?

- Your wardancers are beasts. ST5 on one, AG5 on the other? Enjoy those while you can :-D

- You desperately need a kicker, it'll help you so much on defense.

- I've never gotten catch on a lineman, you can already get plenty of catchers. How often do you end up using him? I guess he's a High Elf catcher, by the stats, but with higher TV.

But, you've obviously won some games and had some fun, if the team entertains you, by all means run with it. I just think you'll have an easier time of it if you cut some fat that isn't really helping you much, and get easier opponents.

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Re: wood elves development

Postby archdevil942 » 01 November 2011, 19:55

thank you very much i actualy meant on how should i develop my team further but cutting players is also good i think cutting the treeman is an intresting option but is replacing him for a blank lineman realy the bext option? also about the catch lineman i sadly missclicked on that one i actualy tried killing him off for quite some time becouse im too lazy to fire him tho i will fire him as well as my slow thrower but im still not sure about the tree man tho again thank you very much for ur tips on the lineman and the thrower i will definetly replace em and about the 20k + monsters im haldeling them pretty well so far i played chaos dwarf and orc and lizardman so far in the above 2k teritory and i eliminated all 4 vs the the lizardmen i even got an emberrasing 6-1 win so thats not rly my problem

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Re: wood elves development

Postby Holy Terror » 01 November 2011, 20:33

I would say some of your team development is going to depend on whether you are MM or private league. The tree is unnecessary for WE and in MM I would consider him bloat. Yes in MM I would replace him with a lineman. Good opponents are going to do exactly what Colonel Panic said...sacrifice one guy or ignore him...if they have the capability to knock him down normally it wont really matter about that 1 str 6 guy because the rest of your team will not be staying in TZs. But it sounds like you are doing well. Like I said not too sure where you are playing but I would like get rid of the tree and replace him unless you are in private league.
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Re: wood elves development

Postby shrimpcowboy » 01 November 2011, 20:59

I would say some of your team development is going to depend on whether you are MM or private league. The tree is unnecessary for WE and in MM I would consider him bloat. Yes in MM I would replace him with a lineman.
I disagree with this I think it depends on how you use him in Match Making. My woodies are ranked 40th in WR(and no this isnt a whos is bigger contest) and I like the Tree as a punching bag you can stick on the line. you are correct 1 of 2 things happen then knock him down and foul which is what i hope for everytime because it opens up the field for me to run around. or they ignore him and then i use his little 3x3 bubble as a protected area for my players i will keep someone in there to take a hand off and then run up the field farther for the quick pass.

I guess my point is nothing has bloat if you use it the way you want. I guess i should also point out that my Tree has Block and +1Movement so i dont have to worry about him not standing up.

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