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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby whater » 27 August 2013, 17:20

The little guys tagging along side your cage looking in at the action. When the time is right.. push open your cage.. hand the little grub the ball and watch him separate for a td after you position a tackle zone or two to keep a blitz at bay.

I love gobblin runners on orc teams. Just skill em with a little movement (sure feet) and maybe a helper defensive skill (if you get desperate) and watch em fly.

You will generally buy them once the team develops tho... not a early build option that is very viable.. but mid to late TV's can be devastating. Keep a high level one to keep building.. and keep level 2 or 3... and just have your Troll Gobble em up at level 4 and restart your gobbo squad every 10 games or so to keep tv lower mid build.
I prefer side step on a goblin. As it lets you get out of bad situations. And sometimes people will avoid hitting them due to that skill.

And instead of Sure Feet, you might consider Jump Up. As it can still assist in the movement department if they are knocked down. They can dodge away and run to their full distance away after. And you could attempt the random JumpUp block as well

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby dode74 » 09 August 2014, 12:08

I agree. I take Guard as each BOB levels with Block as a second skill. As soon as one has Block then Block is first skill for all of them since you want them to be making blocks in order to get the SPP needed for Guard.

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