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Undead Team Now Available

Postby Netheos » 08 November 2016, 14:43


Hey Coaches,

We're pleased to announce the release of a new update!

The open ladder of the Cabalvision Official League has been reset with the release of the update.

Thanks for your feedback during the Undead open beta. We gathered them and will now work on them for the next update.

Here are the patch notes of today's update:

New features
  • The Undead team is now available with the Starplayers Ramtut III, Count Luthor Von Drakenborg and Earlice.
  • A new roster interface is available. It combines the team and staff management in one page.
  • The price of the Orc Blitzer is now 80k.
  • The bretonnian blitzer has now access to agility skills on a standard level up (no doubles).
  • Increase of the maximum team number per coach (40 instead of 25)
  • Increase of the maximum competition number in a league (20 instead of 8)
  • Matchmaking system prameters changes (processing time: 5min / Max TV difference: 500)
Bug fixes
  • Fix of an issue preventing the Xbox One controller from working on Windows 10
  • Fix of a bug blocking a team slot
  • Pass Block is now usable on a Long Bomb
  • The coaches assistants are now properly taken into account for the kick-off event Brilliant Coaching
  • Fix of a crash when trying a pass outside of the pitch in BB1 control mode
  • Fix of a scrolling issue during inducement in hotseat with the combo mouse/controller
  • Fix of a bug preventing the Norse AI from validating its placement with Starplayers
  • The ball is now displayed properly during a Touchdown with some players
  • Fix of an issue preventing the screen resolution to be saved on Mac
  • Fix of an issue preventing players from using the chat in multiplayer on Mac
  • Fix of an issue preventing the random selection of a stadium in matchmaking.
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